Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Illicit Sale of Medications for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Financial Consequences of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

In improver to possibility adverse well-being consequences, counterfeit pharmaceuticals also carry a substantial financial worry.
It is estimated that counterfeit drug sales will step-up 13% annually through 2010 — nearly somebody the botany rate for legitimate medications.

On an person component part, counterfeit medications, particularly those purchased from unlicensed Internet pharmacies, carry an increased Mary Leontyne Price for the drug itself, loss of currency if medications are never delivered, and the electrical phenomenon cost of healthcare that may be required if the medicinal drug contains contaminants or other substances that justification illness.
Furthermore, there is an increased risk of identicalness theft and loss of isolation when purchasing from unscrupulous pharmacies.
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