Thursday, November 15, 2007

Faster, Shorter-Acting Construction Drug

“Existing erectile dysfunction drugs either act quickly or act for a long time,” Goldstein said, at the news meeting. “What is so exciting is that for the honours degree time we have a drug that has both clinical advantages.
It is a fast-acting drug that acts well beyond 48 period.”
Interestingly, Goldstein said that SLx-2101 improves erections not only in men with erectile dysfunction, but also in men already able to have erections.
SLx-2101 is state developed by Artifact Logix Inc.
Goldstein serves as a consultant to the set.

Not everyone wants or needs a long-lasting erecting drug.
For them, a new drug called avanafil may be helpful.
Avanafil reaches boundary rip concentrations 35 minutes after it is taken, reports Mayo Healthcare facility researcher Ajay Nehra, MD.
It has a half-life (the time it takes for the body to eliminate half the abstract entity of a drug) of 90 minutes, compared with four time period for Levitra and viagra and 17.5 period of time for cialis .
Why would someone want an structure drug that doesn’t last very long?
Nehra said that divagation from personal preferences, men who take nitrate-based core drugs (such as Nitroglycerine, Isordil, and Imdur) are warned against using hard-on drugs at the same time.
In human tests, Nehra and colleagues found that men taking a nitrate-based drug while on avanafil had less of a drop in bloodline press and less of an process in humour imperativeness than men who took the country drug while on sildenafil .
“Caution will continue with short-acting nitrate drugs,” Nehra said. “But with avanafil, men may be able to continue this medicinal drug.”
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