Monday, September 24, 2007

A little bit about me...

Short Story ;)

Well first of all, i"m brasilian, so if i"ll have some mistkes, or miss spelled words, i"m really sorry :)...
My name is Asta Mattias... I really like to listen to music and write.
I write all kinds of stuff, like poems and stories. Usually it"s sad, but sometimes it"s happy ending *).
I used to live in San Paulo now, in big city. That"s the city, where Alex Andern was born, and i"ve been to his house, because now it"s a museum. Well, anyways, than we moved to another small city near Brasilia. There i met a lot of interesting and cool people, who are my friends now. I try to keep in touch with them. Than, we moved again, but that time we moved to USA. The first thing, that i was scared of, was the airplane... I had some really sad thoughts about me not making it alive, but i made it. Next scary thing was, how am i gonna communicate with people, if i don"t even know the language (in schools they tried to teach me English, but i skipped so much of the classes, i didn"t learned anything(the reason i skipped, was my teacher, she was really mean and stupid :))) A year after i lived here, i finally learned the language, and i can speak English ok, i guess. So now i"m studying, with some really cool people! I"ve got some really good friends, and if i"ll ever gonna move, i know i"ll miss them a lot. They"ve been there for me, even when it was really hard! Hmmm, tinking about boyfriends... no, i don"t have a boyfriend right now, but i"m thinking about it. Even have some people, that I really like, but that"s a secret. My ex-boyfriend and me are really good friends now, and he is in Spain now. He is pretty cool friend, and sometimes I call him. Another very important human in my life is my cousin, Anastasia! She is more than a friend to me, she is like my sister. There"s a lot of things, that only she and me knows. She is always there for me! Well that"s the story of my life... After high school i plan to go to OU, and after that i"m thinking about going back to San Paulo, but who knows, what if I"ll meet someone, who"ll make me change my mind?! ;)

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